The only bot you'll need. Spike has amazing moderation features, a fun economy system, giveaways, many fun commands, and more!


Just some of Spike's amazing features

Powerful Moderation

Spike's moderation commands are simple and amazing. Make your mods look like real alpha males and not like discord mods.


Spike is as smart as Wikipedia, because it has Wikipedia features built right in to the bot.


Spike's new economy is awesome, and it'll keep getting updated! Who thought stealing fake virtual property from others could be exciting?

Fun & Memes

D*** M**** who? Spike has got over 10+ meme types, from the source recognized by all of your mods, Reddit. Did I mention Spike also has about 15 random, fun commands like hack, simp, and more. A lot more.


Spike also offers playing games like typeracer or scramble. Let's see if you are a fast typer or a good scrambler.


Give away anything you want, however you want, and whenever you want.

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